First Visit Checklist

Please be sure to bring the following so that we can get you in to see the docotor as soon as possible.

  • Photo ID (driver’s license or other).
  • Updated family medical information and personal information (cell/e-mail).
  • Insurance Card.
  • List of medications.
  • List of allergies.
  • Copies of past records/procedures (X-rays, MRI’s, etc.).
  • Copay if required (credit card, check or cash are accepted).
  • Other doctors’ contact Information.
  • List and dates of all tests performed.
  • Results of recent tests performed from other health providers.
  • Any Additional paperwork from an attorney or other correspondence.
  • Patient forms preferably filled out prior to the day of your appointment.

Suburban Orthopaedic Medical Center is devoted to our patients and their health, we place patient satisfaction above everything! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at (973) 483-2277 to speak with a representative about any questions, or scheduling an appointment.

If you are concerned with the costs or insurance involved in treatment, please refer to our Insurance & Billing page or contact us directly!