What Happens Now?

If you have incurred an injury, or feel pain and/or discomfort you have already satisfied step one of Suburban Orthopaedic Medical Center. No need to worry, here at Suburban Orthopaedic Medical Center we focus on getting the patient well again through multiple different treatment approaches. If you experience any of the following, Suburban will be able to help you in your road to recovery.

  • If you have been involved in a work accident such as a slip and fall.
  • If you have been involved in an automobile, motorcycle, or bus accident.
  • If you have chronic pain in a specific area of your body.
  • If you have a previous injury that hasn’t healed or been treated.
  • If you have any concern with the musculoskeletal portion of your body.

If you feel you may have any of these you may be a candidate to become a patient at Suburban Orthopaedic Medical Center, feel free to contact us for a free financial consultation & insurance verification as well as any additional questions at (973) 483-2277.

Our physicians are board certified and our medical personal have countless hours of experience in the medical field. Suburban Orthopaedic Medical Center has grown tremendously since its opening and now houses many different specialties focusing on musculoskeletal care including, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Physician Assistants, Chiropractors, Pain Management, Physical Therapists, and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation physicians.